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Our Approach

We guide students through each stage of the process, from topic choice to fine-tuning. Our creative approach places great emphasis on finding an ideal topic which in turn empowers students to uncover their own true voice in their college essays. We use out-of-the-box, innovative methods to discover and explore personal stories, powerful experiences and unique qualities in order to tease out ideas for topics. We work with each student to refine and add color to their thoughts and stories, recognize connections and overarching themes. Ultimately ensuring that uniqueness and personality are brought to life on the page, we  pave the way toward a polished college admissions personal statement.

"These stories get frozen in time and space, colored marbles in dirt waiting for me to pick them out and make them whole"


- Blaze Bernstein

Our editing and guidance is tailored to each student.


Sit down with us in person or on Skype, or send us your essay online. We also hold periodic workshops to get you started.


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